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Tgirls Hookup Mini Review

There is a hot new USA TS Site on the market and it is called Tgirls Hookup.  It is actually created by a TS Girl named Kelly who is working with Grooby on the back end to help launch her wild ideas into video and photo format.  Tgirls Hookup is not your typical USA tgirl site as they are pushing the boundaries in their videos.  You can expect lots of dirty talk, domination, toys, submission, bondage, role-playing and more with some very sexy superstar models and also some newcomers that you are sure to love.  I will admit the site will not be for everyone but if you like naughty fantasy play I think it will really be something you should check out.  I know a lot of fans have already expressed a lot of interest in the site and many who have joined have told me they love the style.  If you want to see a bigger hardcore x-rated review of the site check it out the Tgirls Hookup on Tgirl Reviews which also has a sweet video montage as well to really give you an idea of what to expect.

The site also has a TS girl that actually makes the content.  This is pretty cool as for many years a lot of sites have treated the models more as objects for making money only and have not really given a lot of respect to the models.  Now I am not saying all the sites were like this.  I have just heard from many models over the years that they felt like the people shooting the content were not fair, respectful or even understood what it was like to be a TS girl.  So when you have a photographer and owner of the site that is also a TS Girl well she is sure to understand a lot better and make the models more comfortable behind the lens.  Since this site is pretty graphic that is surely a good thing that the photographer can relate so well with the model or models that are in the scene.  Plus she is actually even one of the models herself and often is topping a lot of them.

Tgirls Hookup includes the following:

  • Amazing extra naughty hardcore and solo videos
  • Top Models and Newcomers
  • Model Database with some Contact Info (usually social media like Twitter)
  • Download all videos or watch them online using streaming player
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Updated twice a week at this time
  • Unique Content

At the time of this little review Tgirls Hookup is quite a new site.  So you really can’t expect years of content but they are growing every where and you also get some bonus videos from the Grooby Empire as well to perhaps make up for not having a huge database.  From the excitement around the site I expect it will do quite well and you will be seeing it as a force in the Tgirl Adult Entertainment market very soon.

Tgirls hookup