Aubrey Texas Tgirl

Texas Tgirl Beauty Aubrey

Aubrey is one of my new favorites in the Tgirl World and I expect big things from in 2021.  She is a sexy Texas girl that only stands at five foot five but she looks much taller with those long slender legs.  Her ass is perfection if you like them small and tight and yes she loves big cock so you know she can take it.  If you follow my content at all you probably know I am big on the natural tgirls.  That means ones that have not had any surgery enhancements.  That is not to say I do not like that but I just prefer the natural look and Aubrey has got all of that.  Will it last? Only Aubrey can answer that question and if she decides to get some big boobs or something than good for her and more power to her.  I will probably still love her as her face is stunning with those big bedroom eyes.

This is her second set on Tgirls XXX but I expect we will be seeing a lot more of her.  She has a very seductive look as I mentioned before and really knows how to work the camera.  I love the big boobs and seeing her from behind is just as hot as seeing her from the front.  Her body is incredible and she happens to have a pretty big cock as well.  Nothing to make you scream how is that possible! However, it is a good size and she does love to have you play with it.  She admits she is more of a bottom girl and prefers the bigger cocks but she is cool with getting down and  dirty with you as long as you got lots of cum that needs to be released.  You can also see some of her videos at Aubrey’s Model Profile on the Tube.

Texas Tgirl Aubrey