Natalie Mars Beauty

Natalie Mars Hot Red Lingerie Play

Great news over on Grooby Girls today.  Natalie Mars is back in action and looking just incredible.  I have been following this natural petite cutie from the very start of her career.  Watched her come from that sweet cute nerdy girl that loves cock into a sweet cute nerdy girl that loves cock but is also a superstar.  People just love her beauty, the way she performs in the bedroom, that perfect round booty and the way she just enjoys having everything hard stuffed up there.  Natalie Mars is also a total stunner with those big bedroom eyes, full lips and soft milky skin that you just want to lick her body from head to toe.  Natalie Mars now has 11 videos on Grooby Girls but it has been several months since we have seen her on this set.  Her last set she is having some fun with another hot girl.

Another great thing about Natalie Mars is she loves girls, tgirls and guys.  As long as you want some fun she is down for it.  Play some video games, have a glass of wine, ride your motorcycle with her, yes she drives motorcycles!  Then take her home slip her out of that motorcycle gear and get that hot ass on the bed.  Or perhaps wait until she slips into something more comfortable like we see here.  That red on that milky skin really pops and I do love how she has her hair now just dropping over her forehead like that, so cute.  She reminds me of an Anime character coming to life and finding herself lost in my bedroom.  I do hope I can help her find her way into my pants!

Natalie Mars Superstar