Lianna Lawson with Spite

Lianna Lawson with Spite Hot Lesbian Tgirls

Lianna Lawson with Spite in this amazing scene that was actually done on Tgirls Porn for Halloween but I missed it and am adding it now.  A bit of a battle of the good and bad angels in this fun cosplay role-play scene with two very popular models.  Obviously Lianna Lawson is one of the biggest tgirl models around right now so she is well-known to many fans and Spite is a very cute alternative hottie that has come and gone a couple times in the industry and has a strong fan following as well.  Both of them are amazing together in this sweet barebacking tgirl lesbian scene and both girls have more scenes inside of Tgirls Porn so make sure to check it out.  Love the outfits in this one and for some reason prefer the black angel hope that does not mean I am heading to the dark side but if Spite is there I might be just fine with that.  Both of the girls are obviously naughty beauties though.  I have noticed inside the member’s area of Tgirls Porn that they are starting to move more towards the role-play scenes instead of just straight out sex lesbian ones.  I mean there of course still lots of sex but they have a fun story, cute cosplay and so forth along with it.

Lianna Lawson and SPite