Fae Clementine with Raven Thorne Lesbian Tgirls

Fae Clementine with Raven Thorne are two very sexy American Tgirls that are engaged in some hot lesbian sex over on Tgirls Porn.  This is a great site especially if you never want to see any actual guys.  The site is a total TS lesbian site with the majority of videos in bareback action.  The site focuses on all types of models from newcomers to well-known to the superstars.  The majority are American Tgirls but there are some other scenes with beauties from Brazil and other parts of the world.  Fae Clementine with Raven Thorne are this week’s beauties that want to get into each other and I must admit the scene is very hot.  Just a few years back it was so rare to find American Tgirls lesbian action.  It seemed to be only in Brazil but times have changed and now there are way more models out there and many of them are totally into each other just like these two sexy ladies.

Even in the past when you did see the rare American lesbian scene you just had that feeling they were not into each other.  Fae Clementine with Raven Thorne are really into each other in my opinion and so are most of the models on the site.  These days a lot of models know each other, are good friend and in some cases are actually a couple.  Though I do not know the background of these lovely tgirls I do know from watching this video they are digging each other in a big hard cock way.

Fae and Raven Tgirl Lesbians