Daisy Taylor Super Hot Transsexual

Daisy Taylor is a very sexy new transsexual that has popped on the scene in 2018. What makes her so special besides her obviously beauty is she has got a big hard cock and she loves to use it. I have nothing against the USA Tgirls in fact I love them but many of them are not big fans of using their cocks but Daisy seems to be the total opposite. She has got a man that is living the dream and he gets to tap that hot ass but the thing is she does the same thing to him as well. She appeared in her first pro shoot on Grooby Girls and if you want to see the movie of this scene I have it on the sister site so make sure to check it out. Daisy Taylor Transsexual Superstar video if you want to see for yourself and please do not forget to share these links.

Daisy Taylor Tgirl