Daisy Taylor Hottest Transsexual 2018

We need a double dose of Daisy Taylor as this girl is super hot. I often do not post about the same tgirl twice in a row like this but she is just so mind blowing hot I could not resist.  I think she will be one of the top transsexuals in 2019 and for years to come if she decides to keep on taking out that big cock out of her panties and showing us what she has got.  I personally hope she does not change a thing.  I think she looks so amazing and unlike many USA tgirls she loves to use her cock all the time.  Sure there are some USA tgirls that do as well but the majority prefer to be the bottom in my experience.  Daisy Taylor can take cock or give it out and that is what I just love about her.

Daisy Taylor Transsexual