Grooby Girls Brittney Kade

Brittney Kade First Grooby Girls Hardcore

Brittney Kade is back on Grooby Girls in her third video but this time she is sliding those sexy big lips along your shaft and spreading her sweet booty for some raw bareback cock.  However, first off can we talk about what she is wearing?  Damn that is one sexy lingerie outfit and I do not care who you are or what you are into you are going to have a double or even triple take of this beautiful tgirl wearing that.  Personally, I like seeing the models in sexy outfits, sliding them off, teasing and making you want them even more.  I know some people are all about seeing them naked right away but I have never been like that.  I love the hot outfits that make you drool and Brittney Kade certainly is wearing one bad ass bedtime treat.

So this lucky guy gets to tap that booty and I will admit I am jealous.  I have mentioned several times in other posts that I think she can be the next superstar easily.  Up there with Daisy Taylor, Emma Rose, Domino Presley and many more.  I certainly think she could be a top ten model for both fans and sales to the adult sites. Some adult sites actually do rate the models based on their popularity.  All Brittney Kade really needs is more exposure and Grooby Girls is the first to get on that train and showcase this very sexy babe.  She does amazing in this scene, working that cock and making this guy blow his load.  Brittney Kade is the kind of girl where I would try to hold as long as possible, I just want to be so worked up and horny that she makes me explode, well maybe one day, a guy can dream.

Brittney Kade