Bailey Jay

Bailey Jay Bed Time Sexy Thickness

Bedtime for our superstar beauty Bailey Jay.  Bailey is looking very naughty and though she might be tired she always has energy for sex before sleep.  Sometimes she even wakes up late at night and she has got to relieve that hard cock of hers.  She often wakes up with her cock poking out of her panties and if you are beside her well you better get ready to wake up again and go for another round.  Then of course when she wakes up, guess what she is ready to go again with that morning girl wood that needs to be satisfied.  Bailey Jay is such a hottie.  She does seem a bit more thicker these days and I have seen this look before.  She wears thickness really well but I expect she will probably slim down once again and repeat the process in the future.  I kind of like her just as she is, a little thickness is always hot in the bedroom, especially that sweet big booty.

Bailey Jay is a hard working model.  She has run her site for several years now and so did many other models throughout the years.  However, only a handful of models including Bailey Jay actually continued to update their site.  Bailey has basically never stopped updating her personal site and does not even shoot with other companies anymore.  So if you want the latest and greatest of our sexy Bailey Jay than you got to join her adult site.  I really do not see her ever shooting for another site besides her own.  Sure she could surprise us but it has been years since she has done so.

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